Celebrity fashion statements made in 2013

Our celebrities are usually the first ones to start a trend and the rest of us follow and why not? They pull off every fashion trend in 2013 so well that we are just inspired every time.


  • Kim Kardashian and Color Blocking – Kim Kardashian has always been a fashion icon and we particularly love the color blocking she has done with a black jacket and white pants. Color blocking was a big trend and major style statement and Kim pulls it off with elan. We also love how she has finished off the look in a chic topknot which goes so well with the rest of the look.


  • Kendall Jenner and statement necklaces – We absolutely love Kendall Jenner for her style statements which she makes with understated glamour and definite poise. Statement necklaces were all in 2013 and continue to make the trend this year as well. We love how Kendall has added some color to her black and white look, though we love the pants and the top and everything else as well! The statement necklace just adds a different edge to her look altogether.


  • Kristen Stewart and Patterned Pants – Floral and patterned pants were a huge fashion statement in 2013 and it continues. Although not her usual style, Kristen Stewart pulled off the look and made a statement with her floral patterned pants and the lime jacket she put on top. The look is very casual and yet very classy.


  • Miranda Kerr and Luxe Leather – Luxe leather is one of our favorite trends to have happened in 2013 and Miranda Kerr rocks the trend with her sexy peek-a-boo leather on top of leather attire. We also love how she has not used any other accessory and let the leather do all the talking. The topknot makes the whole look a winner!


  • Zoe Saldana and monochrome – Monochrome was the answer to all the color blocking everywhere and we loved both the trends equally. Zoe Saldana pulls off the monochromatic look amazingly well with this grey on grey ensemble that looks so feminine and so very classy. The sleek feminine look has definitely found a place in all the fashionistas’ hearts.


  • Kylie Jenner and Plaid –  Plaid is back and how! Kylie Jenner just affirmed it with her cute little plaid skirt and an edgy Yeezus tee shirt.

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