Ellie Goulding Kisses Rita Ora—A New Controversy In The Making?

Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora were caught by  cameras in a one off  moment …kissing passionately.  The duo was headed to Italy for the Milan Fashion week.  Ellie was quick to share this with her fans via Instagram and uploaded the raunchy picture with the title “Milan”. But Rita”s current boyfriend is not a wee bit affected coz he and Elli already had their moment of steamy  scenes in the hit “I need  your Love”, it must be mentioned here that Ellie too had been dating McFly”s Dougie Poynter. Therefore, the paparazzi may be keep guessing what’s the equation between Ellie and Rita while they continue to have “fun”.


A number of Award shows held recently which included prestigious ones like-BRITs,BAFTAs,had Ellie bagging the Best Female in the Brits. An elated Ellie is quite in the mood to expose and tease as she had done a few days back at the Elle Style Awards revealing a lot and leaving little to imagination.

So the gossip mongers are already salivating as these two hotties are quite unpredictable and might just give the shutterbugs something new to chew upon. Going by the captured moment, it’s quite evident that Rita Ora too enjoyed the smooch coz the way she tilted her head and put her arms lovingly around singing sensation Ellie says it all.


It’s just a matter of time before the truth is revealed that whether it was just one candid spur of the moment act or they are actually fond of each other. Yet going by the latest trends fame–hungry celebrities often end up doing something sensational for cameras just to grab attention and be in the limelight.

However, as of now they seem to having a great time, enjoying the awards season and letting their boyfriends go for a toss.

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