Five amazing secrets about Robin Williams

We all know Robin William as an amazing comedian and a brilliant actor American actor. Considered as one amongst the world’s most fantastic comedian, Robin William unfortunately passed away on 11th August 2014. According to reports, the actor who has made many people smile was suffering through depression.Robin Williams as comedian

The great comedian will always be alive in the memories of millions of people. Here are the some of the interesting facts about Robin Williams that depicts various ups and down of his life.

Very few people know that Robin William was not a born star he himself discovered his journey as a comedian towards Hollywood. Before becoming a renowned star, Williams use to perform as a Mime outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, to earn money. This actually proves that how hard working Robin Williams was, and the eventful journey he took to success.

According to Robin Williams, he found his inspiration of becoming and comedian after watching Monty Python’s Flying Circus. From that show, he learnt the excellent comedy and comedy timing which was a big help for him thorough his career. It is actually beyond imagination to believe what kind of a show it would have been that made an ever-shining actor like Robin Williams.

Robin Williams used to do lot of charity work

Williams used to do lot of charity work for various noble causes. He uses to earn money and create awareness amongst people though various shows and events. He was also supporting the St. Jude’s Children hospital and did many advertisements and programs for that organization. His generosity was not limited to these few shows and events; he frequently did many things form nay people and noble causes.

Robin Williams was suffering thorough mild depression from quite a long time. It is a bit shocking that the men who made the world smile himself were going through very hard and stressful period. The actor at a point of time was so depressed that he went very much into drug addiction for some two decades. Later, he left his alcohol and drug addiction but could not defeat depression.

Robin William has given us many hit and amazing Hollywood movies together with his tremendous shows. He will always be remembered as a best American Comedian.


Although the star is not with us today, he will be always alive in our memories and like ever before people will keep on loving him for his brilliant performances and work.

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