Five astonishing ways celebrities have made whopping fortune

It is common for stars to widen their work or interest in diverse sections of the media. They have gained ample recognition in their domain, but surprisingly have made a whopping fortune in their lifetime in astonishing ways. They have earned the most of their wealth in unexpected means. Below is a list of five unexpected ways in which celebrities have made a whopping fortune.


Kate Moss:

People making fortune in later years is not something unheard of. The best example of this is Kate Moss, who discovered herself earning a huge amount. At 39, she earns almost three times more money from modelling compared to a fresh-faced teenager, serving as walking middle finger for almost everything that we are aware of the fashion industry as well as life in general.


Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Being synonymous with the action hero, Schwarzenegger is that successful that he did not require collecting a salary during his tenure as Governor of California. His initial wealth, however, was not due to his films or the body building competitions that he won, but this all was from his intelligent investments in the real estate.

In fact, at an age of 22, he became a millionaire. Although he earned millions later from his films, yet he could not have made this whopping sum of money in his initial years without the money, which he made from the real estate.

PBS Remix-Happy Painter

Bob Ross:

Popularly recognized for his show titled “The Joy of Painting” and his rocking fro, Ross never made any amount of money from either. Ross himself declared that he did these shows for free.

Besides, even more impressive is the fact that he filmed about 13 episodes within two days and that too filming every piece of painting in real time within just 30 minutes. On the contrary, he made the bulk of his fortune from advertising and selling art supplies that he had advertised on his television shows.


Joe DiMaggio:

A renowned name in the field of baseball, many hoped or expected that he had a good fortune from his time of dominating diamond, yet unfortunately he did not. Fortunately, he found a good way to earn himself money by signing about anything that he could manage his hands on.

Like any other celebrity, he too would autograph things for free when people asked him, yet he followed one rule—he would autograph a baseball bat only if he was paid $250,000. His fame and repute was such that by signing 2-3 bats a year earned him ample for living on till his death.


George Foreman:

The renowned boxing champion and gold medal winner, Foreman openly declared that selling grills to public is more satisfying and more financially rewarding compared to any other things that he has ever done.

Together with his innovative Lean Meat Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine, he sells everything right from cleaning products to shirts adorned with a smiling visage.

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