Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

It is not new to see celebrities going overboard with engagement rings when they propose to their lovers. This list is of the most expensive engagement rings that celebrities chose to seal the deal.


Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

  • Catherine Elizabeth Middleton’s  ( aka Kate Middleton )Garrard Blue and White Diamond ring – Gifted by husband, Prince William, duke of Cambridge , this 18 carat beauty was perfect for the future duchess of Cambridge. This engagement ring is vintage and was won by Prince William’s late mother, Princess Diana. It cost around $45000  around that time. Not really extravagant, but priceless because of it being a family heirloom, it is one of the most famous engagement rings of all times. It is roughly estimated to cost around $137, 200 right now.


  • Anna Kournikova’s  Pink Pear- Cut Engagement Ring – Estimated value at around $2.5 million , this sophisticated piece is an 11 carat natural pink pear-cur diamond, with two Trillian stones adorning the sides. It was gifted to her by fiancé Enrique Iglesias.


  • Jacqueline Onassis’ Lesotho III Diamond Engagement Ring – This 40.42- carat diamond ring was gifted to her by second husband Aristotle Onassis . The present estimated value stands at $2.6 million.


  • Melania Knauss’ Graff Emerald-cut Diamond Engagement Ring – Set in platinum, this 15 carat emerald-cut diamond ring was gifted to her by husband Donald Trump. It’s present estimated value stands at $3 million.


  • Jennifer Lopez’s Neil Lane Blue Diamond Engagement Ring – This piece of work is a beautiful 8.5 carat diamond whose value is $4 million was gifted to her by ex husband Marc Anthony and designed by super celebrity designer jeweler Neil Lane .


  • Paris Hilton’s Diamond –Encrusted Engagement Ring – The value of this ring is $4.7 million and is a huge 24 carat white gold ring with a rectangular diamond as the centerpiece. The hotel heiress is famous for quoting the ring as hurting her finger because of its massive size.


  • Beyonce’s Lorraine Schwartz Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring – This 18-carat diamond ring was gifted to the star by husband Jay Z , who ‘put a ring on it ‘and stands at a whopping $5 million. The centerpiece is a clear-diamond set in platinum.


  • Elizabeth Taylor’s Asscher-cut Krupp Diamond Engagement Ring – This massive 33.19 carat diamond ring has a value of $8.8 million . It is certified as being a Type IIa diamond, hence adding to its value. This was gifted to her by husband Richard Burton and was auctioned off by Christie’s in 2011.

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