Trending in style: Ellen gives Kate Perry a drag makeover

Kate Perry is a rock star and has won many hearts with her talent and she is also quite well known for experimenting with her looks. Her ever changing looks never miss the headlines and people love her for this. Her Roy Lichtenstein’s look or her look inspired by Uncle Sam Chic, all were a great hit among the audience. Her latest experiment with looks also made it to the front page and grabbed a lot of attention. Kate Perry dressed as a man in a game show and also completed her wish that she had since she was a teenager.

It was the occasion of Ellen’s fifty fifth birthday and Kate Perry gave her a gift by dressing like a man in the seventies. She looked amazing and it was truly a unique look in spite of the fact that she has donned unique looks in the past as well. Kate always desired to be a host of a game show and her wish came true recently. This look of the pop star also included a mustache which added to the uniqueness of the entire look.

When Ellen made the announcement of the entry of Kate Perry everyone was shocked for once. The singer looked nothing but different dressed in a plaid suit with a tie and a handlebar mustache to complete the look of a man in seventies. When Kate came on the game show set she wished Ellen a Happy Birthday. About her wig Kate told that she did ask for the current Anne Hathway look. She also cracked some jokes on the stage like she was related to Bob Barker and he happens to be second cousin.


Kate Perry is a total entertainer when she is on the stage and she did the same on the show. She even communicated with the live audience and asked two people to join her on the stage. Kate Perry sure impressed the audience with her looks and her performance and it was not the first time. This epic makeover will be considered as one of her best makeovers of the pop star. Not only Ellen but the entire looked excited over the look of Kate Perry. The entire look of the singer looked somewhat hilarious but really good on Kate Perry. Kate Perry as a man was impressive in every sense of the word.

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