What makes Gwyneth Paltrow the most hated Hollywood celeb

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According to a recent poll arranged by Star magazine, the Academy award winning multi-talented actress Gwyneth Paltrow now tops the list of 20 most annoying celebs from different fields like music, movies and television. It may seem very shocking to hate Gwyneth so much; however, on a closer observation, one will be able to find out the real reasons behind this mass loathing. The celeb next to Gwyneth is Kristen Stewart, the lead actress of the Twilight series. It is being said that Gwyneth’s continuous bragging about health consciousness has led American readers to hate her this much.

What did Gwyneth do to top the hate-list?

Every year, the Star magazine publishes a list of most annoying celebs. This year, the Shakespeare in Love actress Gwyneth Paltrow has beaten all to win the infamous coat of arms. As discussed in the beginner, Gwyneth has gained a bad reputation among the masses by bragging too much about her picture perfect life on more than one occasion. A toned body, blonde hair, posh upbringing, successful marriage, two beautiful kids, too much wealth and innumerable properties make Gwyneth quite enviable. However, the public is accustomed to all this pomp and glory. Then why is Gwyneth the one to be hated? The public likes to identify themselves with the celebs, but Gwyneth’s manners often border haughtiness, making people hate her.

What was the public reaction?

Many thought that Kristen Stewart would top this chart as she had a romp with a married director in recent past. However, it seems that Gwyneth has provoked the public more than any extra marital can ever do. The truth is that she has failed to show modesty on more than one occasion and this has created a negative impact for sure.

Well, Gwyneth Paltrow is almost flawlessly beautiful and a great actress; however, she has failed to touch the hearts of her fans. If she were a little more humble in her manners and a little more genuine then probably, she would have got better public acceptance. Probably, it is time for her PR managers to work harder.

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