Best Movies Based on Real-life Robberies

Best movies based on real life robberies have their own standards and are perfect as films. There is nothing like a real storyline adapted into a movie, which gives the best outcome in the form of a reel life story.

In addition to that, some unbelievable facts and twists in the movie take it several notches higher than other stories. The variations they can only be added from real life heists that inspired films. Real cases of psychopaths, criminals, and robberies makethe best plotlines for psychological thrillers and movies, which keep you on the edge of your seat. Many movies are based on real life events.

Given below are a few of the best true stories that inspired films, and are sure to give you the chills while watching them.

Bonnie and Clyde (1967):

Summary of the real-life story: The pair, Bonnie and Clyde, fell in love and began robbing banks across the USA. They robbed banks, small stores and, people. During the Great Depression, they traveled across state borders robbing and killing anyone who got in their way.

They went on to establish a gang of people having the potential for the same ruthless robberies and cold-blooded tactics. Their crimes eventually led to their encounter in 1932. The movie portrays them stunningly.  The actors have done great justice to the roles. This movie is one of the best bank robbery movies, if you are into them.

The Bank Job (2008):

In 1971, London, 4 men decided to rob a bank. To gain access to the vaults inside, they dug an underground tunnel from the bank to the adjacent shop. They had already purchased this shop, so the fear of being caught was eliminated. However, the police were alerted about their plans when they were heardover the radio discussing their plans.

All 4 were arrested soon after following which they served well over 5 years of imprisonment each. This is one of the major reallife heists that inspired films. The film was loosely based on this incident with a little bit of added fiction in it too. Bank Job went on to become a huge success at the box office.

Dog Day Afternoon:

This is one of the best movies based on real life robberies. According to the real-life story of two robbers, the movie gives an insight into their personal issues. In 1973, John Wojtowicz and Salvatore Naturale robbed a bank for their own personal motives. The former needed the money to get his male lover undergo a sex-change surgery. The latter intended to get his sisters out of foster care with the earnings of the robbery.

Their plan was soiled, and they were caught. Naturale was killed in the process and Wojtowicz ended up serving 5 years in prison. Later on, he sold the rights to his story and was finally able to get his partner the long-awaited surgery. This movie is a clear reflection of the real happenings.It is also one of the major true stories that inspired films.

The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery (1959):

Fred William Bowerman bases this movie on the infamous St. Louis bank robbery. In 1953, he proceeded to rob St. Louis Bank with 2 of his accomplices. They managed to collect thousands of dollars before being caught red-handed. One of the bank employees set off a silent alarm that alerted the police, and they were caught in no time.

However, Bowerman took somebody as hostage and tried running away. He was shot in the chest and succumbed to his injury. His partner committed suicide soon after. True that this movie has twisted up little details here and there, it still remains a classic piece of art. On the list of the best bank robbery movies, this one deserves being atop it.


Although there are many movies, which have been based on real-life incidences, especially robberies, the above-mentioned few ones are the best of the sort. Best movies based on real life robberies are thrilling and gripping. Most importantly, they are purely meant for the ones who enjoy watching crime stories.

Some of these stories have been framed exactly as how they occurred while some of them have been monitored a little according to the demand of the audiences.Whatever it may be, all of these best movies based on reallife robberies were absolutely loved by the masses, and many more such similar movies are in the making.

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