Exploring the differently-themed Casinos in Macau

Casinos in Macau

My recent trip with my family took me to the Fisherman’s Wharf in Macau. I must say, the place is truly blessed by Mother Nature. Not to forget, even the architectural beauty of the area is worth a mention.  While we had many things to do with the kids, I had the chance to slip out for a while and do my own touring around. My targets were the different casinos in Macau. Here is my personal take on the different casinos that I explored during my stay at Fisherman’s Wharf.

The Babylon Casino

The Babylon Casino

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As soon as I stepped into the casino, I was taken aback by its beautiful architecture. The Babylon Casino faithfully represents the Babylonian Architectural style. Every inch of the interiors has its own beauty and it’s blended in perfectly with the Blue and Gold theme of the place. The three-storied casino is spread beautifully over a 10,000 square foot area.

Interiors that captured my eyes

The striking architecture and sculptures were one of the first things that attracted my eyes. The uniqueness of the sculptures is that each of them is inspired by the Zodiac signs and was placed on artistically designed pillars. The base of each pillar has a lighter shade of blue and the delicate touch of gold.  A beautiful, large sized chandelier centers the pillars and its light shows above the pillars.

A wide range of casino gaming options and tables


Furthermore, the various tables of different casino games are spread across the entire casino floor. The casino houses different games like Baccarat, Commission Free Baccarat, 3-Card Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo and even differently themed slot machines. Amidst the traditionally designed decor is the electric payment section, which is technologically advanced.

The specially designed area for Privileged and VIP customers

While touring the Casino, I went up to the first floor. For their premium and VIP customers, the Babylon Casino offers a variety of services. This includes the VIP resting rooms, the Platinum Club, the Babylon Club and the Baccarat Roof Garden.

Mouth-watering delicacies and thirst-quenching beverages

thirst-quenching beverage

I even had the opportunity of tasting some of the mouth-watering dishes that are available within the Casino itself. The dining options include the Al-Frat Cage, which serve special drinks and different beverages. For those who enjoy Western and Chinese cuisines, the Darius The Great Café is a great stop. Other notable dining options were the Hang Kee Barbecue- famous for lo-mei (a traditional dish with is a mix of different seasoning sauces) and BBQ pork. Even the famous Mak’s Wanton Noodles has its outlet within the casino.

The Flamingo Casino

My next stop of Casino hopping in Macau took me to the famous Flamingo Casino. Located within the Babylon Casino, the Flamingo Casino is an individual slot gaming section. The environment is very comfortable and fun to be around.

A wide collection of slot games and machines

This casino is home to a variety of slot games and machines. I enjoyed every second of the few moments that I spent inside the casino. In the future, the management of the casino also plans to launch new games and Progressive Jackpots.

Beautiful interiors that blend in well with the Flamingo Casino Concept

Casinos in Macau

The innovative interiors, up to date slot gaming machines and the overall ambiance can leave a memorable mark in anybody’s mind. At the entrance lies a slot machine that you can try out. This machine gives new casino players a chance to understand what slot gaming is all about.

Legend Palace Casino

Located within the Legend Palace hotel, the Legend Palace Casino has its own charm. With 91 gaming machines and 70 game tables; The Legend Palace Casino is one of the new casinos in Macau. The overall Northern Asian/Medieval Central theme of the hotel also seeps into the interiors of the casino

Casino game play at the Legend Palace Casino

This casino has a blend of traditional casino games and the modern touch. The casino games available here include three card baccarat, Big 6, Electronic tables, slot machines, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack.

Players have a chance to win big

progressive jackpots

Another interesting part of this casino is that it offers players a chance to win big. With additional features like progressive jackpots, live gameplay and lots more, a player can visit this casino anytime they want.

Variety of food options

Since the Legend Palace Casino is located within the Legend Palace Hotel; you have the benefit of eating different cuisines. Located within the hotel are restaurants like The Grand Palace, Float, Brasserie de Paris, Infinite, Lounge On Eight and The Gallery

My final thoughts

Macau is truly a beautiful place that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. Although the casinos in Macau offer the same or similar games, however, they have their own individuality. Every casino is beautifully designed.

From the interiors to the gaming options; you can spend an entire day and that will still not be enough.  I am so flabbergasted with everything that I have already decided that I am coming back to Macau (this time on my own) so that I can experience the thrill of all the casinos in Macau.

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