Famous celebrities who admit to breast implants

Pamela Anderson

There are celebrities who admit to breast implant treatments courageously and confidently. But all of them are not lucky enough to get the boob job done right in the first attempt only. There are celebrity breast implants gone wrong in many cases. They try getting breast implants removed to get them in proper shape again.


  1. Miley Cyrus:Miley-CyrusImage Source : cdn.skim.gsMiley Cyrus is always surrounded with lewd publicity but her boob job is not a rumour. She herself has admitted to have 2 boob jobs giving the reason that she felt much like a boy and her new curves make her feel what she actually wanted to be like.
  2. Carmen Electra:Carmen Electra took the modest size of her breast from 32B to 2 X Ds. She is not at all ashamed of discussing about her boob job and gives it a credit for success partially. And it is true that she has got a great return over her investment.
  3. Kelly Rowland:Kelly RowlandImage Source : nydailynews.comKelly Rowland is among those hottest celebrities with biggest breast implants and who have honestly admitted about the same. She admitted that she had thought of getting her breast implanted when she was just 16. But she waited for several years to get it done. When she was asked about it, she proudly admitted that all she did was for herself and not for anyone else.
  4. Kaley Cuoco:Kaley Cuoco revealed the secret of the super sexy boobs by stating that she had them implanted at an age of 18. Though she was too young at that time, but she thinks that this decision was the best decision she has ever made. These breasts have taken her through a long way from a ditzy teenager to a glamorous ditzy actress in quite a small time.
  5. Dolly Parton:Dolly PartonImage Source : rawstory.comDolly Parton has got a large up front just because of her boob job. She hides no secrets about her boob surgery and also states that if you have the nerve, money and desire to get under the knife, then why don’t you find a doctor and go for it! She certainly proves that she posses all these 3 in spades.
  6. Wendy Williams:Wendy Williams is not shy about discussing the implants she got at an age of 20. She stated that she first met her husband like a frog and soon turned out to be swan. And undoubtedly, what an endowed swan she has become!
  7. Angelina Jolie:Angelina JolieImage Source : thetimes.co.uk
    Angelina Jolie got her breast implantation after a proactive session of double mastectomy. She recreated her breast via operation and is now very happy with her boobs stating that they are very beautiful. Her new boobs are modest like her previous ones, so they do not grab attention among the crowd of who had their boob job done.
  8. Jenny McCarthy:Jenny McCarthy does not hide any secrets regarding her surgeries. While talking about her breast implants, she also states how she managed to get another silicone set implanted. She defended breast implantation by stating that after a child birth the breast will appear to be a pancake.
  9. Pamela Anderson:Pamela AndersonImage Source : img.timesnownews.comEveryone knows that the bobs bouncing all around in the world are not real, they are fake. But this doesn’t stop her millions of fans from turning their heads around and see her running across the beach. She got her breast implanted in 1990 to 36DD.
  10. Tila Tequila:This model and actress has opened up about her breast implants. They are totally fake but are proving out to be great for her. From modelling assignments to television shows, her bobs are making a sensation and certainly bringing money to her. She got them implanted at an age of 18.
  11. Danielle Staub:
    Danielle StaubImage Source : home.bt.comDanielle Staub is not shy to discuss about her boob job. She got it on the camera during the serial- The real housewives of New Jersey. Celebrity breast implants gone wrong with her for three times and she had to struggle hard getting breast implants removed. She finally got the charm in the fourth attempt. She took up the B cup size to C cup. She is among the courageous celebrities with some of the biggest breast implants.

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